The Green Man Hotel

A unique development with an innovative design brief to create a 100% carbon negative building that can and will be the greenest, the healthiest, the most sustainable, the lowest impact as well as the most eco friendly and user friendly hotel anywhere in the world.



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The Green Man Hotel at  The   Odeleite   River   Valley   Eco   Centre   

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Shareholder opportunities available.

We will be offering individuals who are interested in living a healthy sustainable lifestyle in the sunny Algarve, a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a shareholding scheme that will provide the initial in-house funding for the development.

This shareholder equity opportunity will be available for a small number of proactive shareholders preferably already conversant and knowledgeable about the eco friendly, sustainable, low impact living lifestyle and are actually wanting to participate in such a environmentally friendly development.

As part of the shareholder package proactive shareholders would get the ultimate in low cost living,


Free Living for life in the Ultimate Blue Zone.                                         

Sceptics might cite the age old adage that ‘there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’ we beg to differ as our proactive shareholders will not only get free breakfast, lunch and dinner either prepared themselves or in the restaurant,  also free accommodation, free solar energy, free water, free laundry, etc. etc. what’s not to like about that as an extra special offer.

How this free lunch scheme will work will be explained to respondents who we feel will be compatible and fit in with the sustainable low impact ethos and objectives that we will be promoting and aiming to achieve.

This main example of what we will be offering to proactive shareholders (fully refundable) works out less than the  average holiday home and would get you that free accommodation and no cost full board and

other possible perks,  early shareholders would also have a choice of hotel accommodation and upgrade to one of the detached eco lodges as and when they come on stream.

All the perks of being one of the bosses as well as living in the ultimate Blue Zone type environment.

These benefits are unbeatable in terms of value for money, so if you are looking at relocating to enjoy the three thousand plus hours of sunshine available in southern Portugal, bookmark this page for future reference, one other factor to bear in mind is that funds in the UK are producing minimal interest returns and could be at risk of a bank bail-in should the banking sector succumb to another financial crisis in the near future.

Other equity opportunities are available for active or passive JV partners, or for overseas individuals looking at the golden visa option for EU passport or a D 7 residency in Portugal, though one should bear in mind this is not a get rich quick type of scheme, our business model is to be able to offer the lowest possible costs to clients wanting a healthy life enhancing holiday experience, we would also provide the opportunity to winter in the sun for the short/medium term clients looking for the best options at an affordable price .

Early long term resident commitment will get the best deal ever, with no more rent to pay, no council tax or property tax, no energy or water bills, no building or contents insurance just the low cost all inclusive full board tariff, just to be clear, any initial working capital funding pledged would be fully secured and fully refundable after a fixed time period or if circumstances change at any time.

We are actively looking for in-house funding from individuals interested in living a longer healthier life in this beautiful Blue Zone type river valley location, with clean air, clean water, no traffic noise or exhaust pollution, an oasis of peace and tranquillity with a wonderful feel good ambience.

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