The Green Man Hotel

A unique development with an innovative design brief to create a 100% carbon negative building that can and will be the greenest, the healthiest, the most sustainable, the lowest impact as well as the most eco friendly and user friendly hotel anywhere in the world.



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The Green Man Hotel at  The   Odeleite   River   Valley   Eco   Centre   

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One of the biggest influences on personal happiness and quality of life is exposure to nature and the great outdoors, a recent study conducted in the UK found that those who spent more time outdoors in natural surroundings were far happier than city-dwellers, healthy people are usually happy people, in addition to feeling happy, energy levels are boosted and the immune system is strengthened resulting in an increase in feelings of vitality and overall well-being.

Nature is fuel for the soul, often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but this research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature, so with this in mind we will be striving to create one of the greenest healthy living hotels ever, one that will give all users the opportunity of living harmoniously within the natural world in an area of outstanding natural beauty, this will be a unique hotel that can tick all the boxes needed to create the infrastructure and systems that will enable a longer healthier and well balanced life for our clients who can then enjoy many more active years on this wonderful planet.

One of the main reasons for this update is to be able create a data base of potential long term residents or users, individuals who are currently looking to escape the rat race, the junk foods, the GMO’s and pesticides etc. or will be looking to do so in the near future, individuals and couples who are looking for an opportunity to live a simpler uncluttered less materialistic lifestyle, one that holds out the promise of being able to live a longer, happier and more active healthy life among like minded people.

Our preferred long term user profile is for early retirees looking for (quality of life) a simpler, more tranquil stress free life, with the ongoing opportunity to be able to breathe pristine unpolluted air, drink the freshest cleanest water, eat the most nutritious organic food grown on our own regenerative/permaculture farm that is itself situated in the middle of the new nature reserve area, all set in a breathtakingly beautiful river valley which is almost totally free from noise or traffic pollution and has uninterrupted views all round, there is an added bonus of some great fishing available on our 1500 metre river frontage if that’s one of your favourite pastimes.

We don’t aim to be the biggest or the best or even the most luxurious, we do however aim to be the greenest, the healthiest, the most sustainable, the most eco friendly, most user friendly and potentially the least expensive in terms of value for money or as they say over the pond you will be getting the biggest bang for your buck whichever way you become involved, this unusual overall approach will allow us to be able to offer great value with initial projections suggesting our client/user costs could be 50% less than other similar or directly comparable healthy living resorts, spa’s or even juicing retreats.

There are a lot more features to this project that will make it into a great low cost green development, a clean and sustainable energy efficient alternative to any mainstream complex, as noted previously the hotel will be completely solar powered with the very latest solar panel system with various backup storage system options, a low voltage DC energy system for the all round LED lighting, very low heating and cooling requirements, sustainable hotel fixtures and fittings, an innovative smart building design that keeps the plumbing and wiring requirements to the absolute minimum helping to reduce the overall build cost.

Check out the Opportunities page for high value Joint Venture or Equity Shareholdings that will provide a long term active or passive role in the project.

This unique Blue Zone type development will be offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in what will become the benchmark for all future healthy living type projects.

A  win-win for investors who will not only be investing in real estate with a very good ROI but also in one of the most sustainable developments on the planet and best of all you will be investing in your own long term future health with the potential for an extra 10, 20, or more years to enjoy life to the full.

A wise long term investment that will make your money work more productively by cutting your long term living expenses to practically zero and at the same time has the profit sharing potential to increase your net worth exponentially with the added bonus of a healthy living lifestyle as an on site resident .