The Green Man Hotel

The Odeleite River Valley Eco Centre will offer an affordable, sustainable and healthy living experience in southern Europe, with its focus on Regenerative Permaculture, organic food, and renewable energy, it aims to extend life expectancy and promote overall well-being, surrounded by scenic beauty and a Mediterranean-style diet, residents can escape negativity, embrace nature, and cherish breathtaking views every morning.


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The Green Man Hotel at  The   Odeleite   River   Valley   Eco   Centre   

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An unbeatable offer for anyone considering relocating or buying a property in the Algarve.


Free Accommodation / Free Living for Life.

The Landowner and Developer of a Sustainable Health and Wellness Eco-Resort in the Algarve Portugal, is making a high value shareholder package available, the Basic shareholder option come with rent free accommodation for life, the VIP shareholder option comes with a full board all-inclusive free living for life package, many other perks and benefits to be included for all shareholders and co-owners, JV partners also welcome.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take up either a Basic or VIP shareholding in the development company, the Basic shareholder investment package would start from £50k up to £250k, (scheduled as a long-term refundable business loan) the main shareholder benefit, a rent free home for life in an eco-lodge or hotel apartment, an annual rental value of over £12.5k, accommodation size and location dependent on investment level.

Basic shareholders will get an all-inclusive low-cost package of perks and benefits, this package will be priced at cost, so you get all your electricity, wi-fi, water, sewage, laundry etc. plus all meals in the restaurant, coffee / teas / snacks in the coffee bar, airport transfers etc. all included, the basic (at cost) price for all these services could be as low as £125 / £150 per person per week, or around £200 / £250 for a couple, most private or  government pension schemes should easily cover this very low weekly living cost.

Shareholder funds introduced will be used as working capital, mainly for the construction of shareholder accommodation and the construction of the Health and Wellness Hotel resort complex for short stay guests, also to acquire farm and construction machinery / greenhouse construction materials etc. Any balance would be used to acquire adjoining land plots to expand the project land bank, making more shareholder places available in the future, a percentage of the profit from the Health and Wellness Eco-Resort commercial operation will be allocated to a profit sharing scheme for all fully paid-up shareholders.

The aim is to create a fair and equitable, egalitarian plan for all shareholders, one where you only get what you pay for, or work for, (having some skin in the game). As part of the  scheme, lower investment level Basic shareholders will be expected to actively participate and become voluntary working partners, reducing the overall labour costs associated with the running of the whole complex, this will also help achieve a higher level of profit at the commercial hotel complex, we are looking at a many hands make light work scenario, as well as an economies of scale setup for the whole project.

The lower investment levels of the Basic shareholding package will get you rent free accommodation for life, a nice sized hotel apartment with balcony and lovely views, higher investment levels of the Basic option come with nicer location and accommodation in an eco-lodge or small apartment block, as an altruistic development / enterprise, half of all profits will be allocated to our own charitable foundation when set up, a pro rata profit sharing scheme from the remaining 50% will be available for all eligible shareholders.

A more detailed financial overview,

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Views from potential accommodation locations