The Green Man Hotel

The Odeleite River Valley Eco Centre will offer an affordable, sustainable and healthy living experience in southern Europe, with its focus on Regenerative Permaculture, organic food, and renewable energy, it aims to extend life expectancy and promote overall well-being, surrounded by scenic beauty and a Mediterranean-style diet, residents can escape negativity, embrace nature, and cherish breathtaking views every morning.


T   O    R    V    E   C

The Green Man Hotel at  The   Odeleite   River   Valley   Eco   Centre   

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As a long-term shareholder / resident, you would be living in harmony with nature in a peaceful and tranquil river valley setting, a premier location in a beautiful area with wonderful unspoiled views from all aspects, with pure clean fresh air and water, fresh organic homegrown nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, mostly produced within our own regenerative / permaculture farm and greenhouse complex, locally caught fish, free range eggs etc. we also have a 1500m river frontage and direct access to the sea by boat.

Living in this beautiful unpolluted river valley location, will give you the opportunity to live a longer happier healthier life, breathing pure fresh unpolluted air, drinking fresh clean fluoride free water, eating wholesome organic food locally produced, also no more worries about the increasing cost or lack of energy coming to your home soon.

Some sceptics may be thinking how is all this even possible? well as noted previously, our VIP no cost hospitality will be subsidised from the revenue generated by the guests staying at the healthy living hotel complex, so in that respect the solution is really quite simple, you will get free lunches, free breakfast, dinner and supper for life as a valued VIP shareholder and part owner of what will be a unique health and longevity eco-village style development.

Regarding the construction method for the eco-village complex, the intention is to create a carbon negative infrastructure, single and two storey buildings for the hotel complex and also for the VIP / Basic shareholder long term residential eco-lodges, villas and apartments, this could potentially end up being the greenest, the healthiest, most sustainable, most eco-friendly resort in the western world.

Timber frame and Hemp / lime infill, is a building system which is internationally recognised as being a low impact sustainable form of construction, a versatile natural building material that provides a low-tech solution for eco-friendly carbon negative structures, the primary Hemp material can  be grown on site or in the nearby locality with negligible transport costs.

Hemp constructed buildings are earthquake and fireproof as well as having good noise reducing properties, our eco-lodges, villas and apartments constructed with Hemp will be warm and cosy in winter, cool and fresh in summer, with minimal need for any air conditioning equipment, another benefit, no damp, mould, EMFs, or VOCs to contend with.

Our aim is to optimise the health and well-being of all our clients, whether long term resident shareholders or short / medium term holidaymaker's, giving everyone the opportunity to maximise their healthy active life span, our Hemp construction methods have the potential to create the cleanest and purest indoor air quality possible, ensuring extremely healthy living and sleeping conditions for hotel guests and long-term residents.

Looking to escape the rat race, 15 min cities, ULEZs, 20 mph restrictions, the junk foods, the GMO’s and pesticides etc. this is an opportunity to live a simpler, stress free, uncluttered, less materialistic way of life, one that holds out the promise for residents to be able to live a longer, happier and a more active and fulfilling life, free from stress and worry, living with like-minded freedom loving sovereign individuals, living a life of meaning and purpose.

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