The Green Man Hotel

The Odeleite River Valley Eco Centre will offer an affordable, sustainable and healthy living experience in southern Europe, with its focus on Regenerative Permaculture, organic food, and renewable energy, it aims to extend life expectancy and promote overall well-being, surrounded by scenic beauty and a Mediterranean-style diet, residents can escape negativity, embrace nature, and cherish breathtaking views every morning.


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The Green Man Hotel at  The   Odeleite   River   Valley   Eco   Centre   

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We are living in interesting times, in this new high inflation world, there are the ever-rising cost of food, gas, electricity, water and sewage charges to take into account, prices for many food staples are expected to rise sharply over the next few years, adding thousands of euros / pounds to  annual living costs, also potential shortages in the energy sector to factor in.

With the VIP shareholder plan, all the above price increases and (food / energy) shortage problems are taken care of with the all-inclusive package, as a part owner you are basically locked in for life in an inflation proof bubble, all costs for accommodation, energy, food, water, leisure facilities, airport transfers, always free for VIP shareholders.

To sum up all the free for life perks / benefits plus profit sharing VIP shareholders will enjoy.

With our VIP Free Living For Life strategy, no accommodation costs to pay, no rent, no rates / taxes, no energy or water / sewage bills, no weekly food shop, no cooking, no laundry bills, no maintenance cost, nothing to pay, zip zilch nada, any existing or future residual income from other sources, pensions, dividends, will be free discretionary spending money to use or save as and when you like.

You also save on the cost of actually buying a new property, such as IMT taxes and the 23% VAT / IVA on the purchase price, also lawyer, notary and estate agent fees with VAT on top, these extras could add up to another 10% on the purchase price, and you would still have the annual local council tax to pay at several hundred Euros per year, none of those extra expenses for our VIP shareholders, also no maintenance, food shopping or cooking to do.

This is an opportunity to live a longer happier healthier life, to work and play in the sunny Algarve, you also get many extra benefits and perks such as the free wi-fi and use of all facilities in the leisure complex, large heated pool, near infra-red saunas, games rooms, social club, cinema, car pool, excursions etc. at the end of the day, you should end up a bit wealthier and a lot healthier, also living in a Blue Zone style resort like this, there is the potential for 10 / 20 years of  vibrant health and active extra life to look forward to.

We also have a Plan B interim option, with potential JV funding and the first few committed shareholder investors, we have the possibility to acquire a nearby local property, a ready-made development site, where we can create early accommodation for up to a dozen or more shareholders, this would also be used as our main office and planning dept. so for any potential Basic or VIP shareholders looking for early relocation, this could be a good initial alternative whilst we are developing the main site in the best way possible for the long-term use and benefit of our shareholders.

Just so that people don’t think we are somewhere out in the boondocks, VRSA is a bustling market town and shopping centre about 20 min's away, close by is Monte Gordo with miles of beautiful unspoiled beaches, we have choice of golf courses within 15 min's, free transit to and from Faro airport will be provided, less than an hour away mostly by motorway.

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Views from potential accommodation locations