The Green Man Hotel

The Odeleite River Valley Eco Centre will offer an affordable, sustainable and healthy living experience in southern Europe, with its focus on Regenerative Permaculture, organic food, and renewable energy, it aims to extend life expectancy and promote overall well-being, surrounded by scenic beauty and a Mediterranean-style diet, residents can escape negativity, embrace nature, and cherish breathtaking views every morning.


T   O    R    V    E   C

The Green Man Hotel at  The   Odeleite   River   Valley   Eco   Centre   

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The VIP shareholder options range from £300k up to £500k, (long-term refundable business loan) and comes with a wider range of perks and benefits, free accommodation for life in eco-lodge / villa, plus a full board all-inclusive package, restaurant meals, drinks, snacks, coffee and teas at the coffee bar anytime desired, plus unlimited access to the community / leisure complex, VIP accommodation size and location dependent on investment level.

All services for VIP shareholders are free and clear, electricity, wi-fi, water, sewage, maintenance, laundry, etc. are included in the VIP option, the only out of pocket expenses would be for personal items like clothes or cosmetics which would come from existing or future residual income, it will be possible for Basic shareholders to upgrade to  VIP  status, this could be built up over a period of time until VIP membership is reached and all the extra benefits and free living for life perks will then become available.

VIP shareholders have this once in a lifetime opportunity to live free and clear in a beautiful river valley setting, our preferred shareholder demographic will be freedom loving, sovereign individuals / couples, this would  in effect be an autonomous private members club, with a remit to create the ultimate healthy living Blue Zone style eco-village community, a no-cost healthy living environment whereby all members can achieve long-term health and overall well-being, focusing on your mental happiness and well-being is essential for a longer healthier life, optimal longevity combined with quality of life - the ultimate health goal.

Potential VIP shareholders should take into account, that you will have no actual living expenses over whatever period of time as a shareholder / resident, all your existing and future income can be saved or used as discretionary spending for whatever takes your fancy, VIP shareholders will be living the good life free and clear, as if they were a full-time full board all-inclusive luxury holiday client, with full and free access to the community centre and restaurant facilities, leisure complex, pool and sauna zone.

This Basic and VIP shareholder structure, is a very attractive low-cost / no-cost alternative to buying or renting accommodation for long term residential use, VIP shareholders will be allocated prime location eco-lodge / villa accommodation, with exclusive adjoining restaurant and leisure facilities, these will be located near the proposed health and wellness hotel complex, short stay hotel guests will have their own separate restaurant and leisure amenities, a percentage of the profits from the commercial side of the operation will subsidise our VIP shareholders, covering the cost of all their free living for life perks and benefits.

Basic shareholders will get a rent free home in the sun for life, plus the (at-cost) all-inclusive package, food, energy, water, sewage, maintenance, rates taxes etc, full use of the leisure and community centre, the cost of this package will be kept very low with various in-house measures and should be well within the means of any potential participant.

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Views from potential accommodation locations